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sitemap 2010

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Events 2010
  October 2010
  Wed 20 ( 7.30 pm) Red Note Ensemble
  Thu 21 (12.45 pm) Smith Quartet
  Thu 21 ( 7.30 pm) Graham Fitkin Ensemble
  Fri 22 ( 7.30 pm) Smith Quartet
  Fri 22 ( 7.30 pm) Ruth Wall, harp
  Sat 23 ( 1.00 pm) Smith Quartet
  Sat 23 ( 2.00 pm) sound lecture 2010: Tom Service
  Sat 23 ( 3.00 pm) Cantamus Hodie we sing today
  Sat 23 ( 6.30 pm) Pre-concert talk: Colin Currie Group, with Pete Stollery
  Sat 23 ( 7.30 pm) Colin Currie Group
  Sun 24 ( 2.00 pm) Smith Quartet
  Sun 24 ( 5.00 pm) Workshop: In C by Terry Riley
  Sun 24 ( 7.00 pm) Double Bill
  Sun 24 ( 8.00 pm) port-royal + support
  Tue 26 ( 7.30 pm) David Smith, organ
  Wed 27 ( 5.15 pm) University Tea-Time
  Thu 28 (12.45 pm) Madeleine Mitchell, violin and Nigel Clayton, piano
  Thu 28 ( 5.30 pm) Hoot, Helen MacLeod, harp and Emma Wilkins, flute
  Thu 28 ( 7.00 pm) East Coast Moves
  Fri 29 ( 6.00 pm) John Redhead Remains of Occitania
  Fri 29 ( 7.30 pm) Scottish Dance Theatre Interactive
  Fri 29 ( 7.30 pm) Shona Donaldson Bogie's Bonnie Belle
  Fri 29 ( 7.30 pm) Hoot, Helen MacLeod, harp and Emma Wilkins, flute
  Fri 29 ( 8.00 pm) Madeleine Mitchell, violin and Nigel Clayton, piano
  Sat 30 ( 1.00 pm) Margaret Preston, flute
  Sat 30 ( 4.00 pm) Hoot, Helen MacLeod, harp and Emma Wilkins, flute
  Sat 30 ( 7.30 pm) Ian Spink and Bill Thompson The ANa Project
  Sun 31 (10.30 am) A day with Sally Beamish
  Sun 31 ( 2.30 pm) Sound A New Song
  Sun 31 ( 3.00 pm) Ross Whyte Reproductions
  Sun 31 ( 7.30 pm) Pete Stollery discoveries
  November 2010
  Tue 2 ( 7.30 pm) Edinburgh Quartet
  Thu 4 (12.45 pm) Primrose Piano Quartet
  Fri 5 ( 6.30 pm) Pre-concert talk: Rautio Piano Trio, with Sally Beamish
  Fri 5 ( 7.30 pm) Rautio Piano Trio, with Oliver Beamish, narrator
  Fri 5 ( 7.30 pm) SPOILT
  Sat 6 ( 1.00 pm) Rautio Piano Trio
  Sat 6 ( 8.00 pm) Hebrides Ensemble, with Colin Currie, percussion and Michael Popper, dance/choreography
  Sat 6 ( 8.00 pm) FOUND + Indian Red Lopez
  Sun 7 ( 2.00 pm) Pre-concert talk: Rautio Piano Trio, with Sally Beamish
  Sun 7 ( 3.00 pm) Rautio Piano Trio, with Oliver Beamish, narrator
  Mon 8 ( 7.30 pm) Galliard Ensemble
  Tue 9 (10.00 am) Love Music Festival
  Thu 11 (12.45 pm) Richard Craig, flute and Laura Baxter, piano
  Thu 11 ( 7.30 pm) University of Aberdeen Choral Society and Symphony Orchestra
  Fri 12 ( 6.00 pm) Jane Frere In the Shadow of the Wall
  Fri 12 ( 6.00 pm) Strange Arrangements of Light
  Fri 12 ( 7.30 pm) Steve Bingham, electric violin/loops and Emily White, trombone/violin/voice
  Fri 12 ( 8.00 pm) Strange Arrangements of Light
  Sat 13 (10.00 am) Electroacoustic Fair
  Sat 13 (10.00 am) Dirty Electronics Workshop
  Sat 13 (12 noon) Gig 1
  Sat 13 ( 1.00 pm) Steve Bingham, violin/electric violin/loops
  Sat 13 ( 2.00 pm) Gig 2 Music from MTI
  Sat 13 ( 3.00 pm) Treasure Hunt
  Sat 13 ( 4.00 pm) Gig 3 Music by BEAST
  Sat 13 ( 6.00 pm) Gig 4 with Richard Craig, contrabass flute
  Sat 13 ( 7.30 pm) Steve Bingham, violin, electric violin and loops
  Sat 13 ( 7.30 pm) Bibby Piano Duo
  Sat 13 ( 8.00 pm) Gig 5 invisiblEARts
  Sun 14 (12 noon) Richard Craig, flute and alto flute
  Sun 14 ( 7.30 pm) Aberdeen Sinfonietta
Artists 2010
  Aberdeen Dance Collective
  Aberdeen Sinfonietta
  Mhairi Allan
  Simon Atkinson
  Jonny Axelsson
  Pascal Ayerbe
  Pete Batchelor
  Brett Battey
  Michael Bawtree
  Laura Baxter
  Oliver Beamish
  Sally Beamish
  Tony Bedewi
  Nera Bello
  Richard Benjafield
  David Berezan
  Bibby Piano Duo
  Steve Bingham
  Lucy Boyes
  Lynn Brown
  Joby Burgess
  Mike Byrne
  Cantamus Hodie
  Oliver Carman
  Chandra Chapman
  Nigel Clayton
  Adam Clifford
  Ricardo Climent
  Colin Currie Group
  Will Conway
  Andrew Cottee
  Richard Craig
  Creaking Tree String Quartet
  Colin Currie
  James Dashow
  Teresa Dillon
  Shona Donaldson
  Robert Dow
  Edinburgh Quartet
  Edinburgh University Chamber Choir
  Simon Emmerson
  Eva Quartet
  Gabriel Fernandini
  Graham Fitkin
  Jane Frere
  Galliard Ensemble
  Simon Gane
  André Gonçalves
  Graham Fitkin Ensemble
  Helen Grime
  Owen Gunnell
  Simon Haram
  Jonty Harrison
  Joan Healy
  Hebrides Ensemble
  Ron Herrema
  Andrew Hill
  Huun Huur Tu
  Indian Red Lopez
  Gabriel Jackson
  David Paul Jones
  Patrick Keenan
  Ruth Kent
  Suk-Jun Kim
  King Creosote
  Kolektif Istanbul
  Kora Master
  Leigh Landy
  Noel Langley
  Morten Lauridsen
  Ali Leith
  Sam Little
  Iwan Llewellyn-Jones
  John Lunn
  Alistair MacDonald
  James MacMillan
  Robin Mason
  Rosalind Masson
  John McLeod
  Paul Mealor
  Madeleine Mitchell
  Adrian Moore
  Laetitia Morais
  Nick Moss
  Pippa Murphy
  NYOS Futures
  Tarik O'Regan
  Oren Marshall & The Charming Transport Band
  Michael Popper
  Margaret Preston
  Primrose Piano Quartet
  Rudolfo Quintas
  RM Hubbert
  Rautio Piano Trio
  Tim Raymond
  Red Note Ensemble
  Tim Redfern
  John Redhead
  John Richards
  Samuel Richards
  Louise Rossiter
  Diana Salazar
  Sam Salem
  Patrick Sanan
  Scottish Dance Theatre
  Tom Service
  David Smith
  Smith Quartet
  Adrian Spillett
  Ian Spink
  Pete Stollery
  Rowland Sutherland
  Synergy Vocals
  Thistle Brass
  Alan Thomas
  Bill Thompson
  The University of Aberdeen Choral Society
  The University of Aberdeen Symphony Orchestra
  The University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir
  The University of St Andrews Chapel Choir
  Tom Verbruggen
  Nick Virgo
  Garry Walker
  Ruth Wall
  Sam Walton
  David Ward
  Ian Watt
  Jack Webb
  Emily White
  Ross Whyte
  Tom Wilkinson
  Scott Wilson
  Blair Young
  Miriama Young
Venues 2010
  Aberdeen Art Gallery
  Aboyne Theatre
  Citymoves Studio
  Cowdray Hall
  Duff House
  Johnston Hall
  Kemnay Church Centre
  Kings College Chapel
  Left Bank
  Lemon Tree
  MacRobert Building
  Michael Chapel
  Migvie Church
  Museum of Scottish Lighthouses
  Music Hall
  OAP Hall
  Peacock Visual Arts
  Salmon Bothy
  St Andrews Cathedral
  St Machars Cathedral
  Stewarts Hall
  Woodend Barn



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