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Pascal Ayerbe

Born in Paris in 1976, Pascal Ayerbe calls himself "the sound scribbler" (le gribouilleur sonore). With a unique blend of traditional instruments and ordinary everyday items, he creates his own special world of musical characters. His technique is scribbling. Take whatever object if it makes noise (plastic toys, utensils, bowed saw, toy piano), then tame it, give it another life, another meaning, through sound. Somehow, it is a lesson of diverting. "Flatten yourself, hide yourself, I stick my ears everywhere, I strip your attics and hit your saucepans as does the green woodpecker!" Ayerbe creates music as discoveries, from haphazard and clumsy strokes of inspiration, which makes him an unclassifiable key composer.

On a set dominated by a large tree, three sound-gardening musicians creates a zany collection of outrageously entertaining and quirky melodies. Discover a whimsical symphony where mandolin, accordion, bass clarinet, ukulele, banjo, bells, bird calls and bow saw… join plastic toys and kitchen utensils to create an energetic, fun and charming concert. With two sound-gardening accompanists, Arnaud Sacase (clarinet bass, alto saxophone) and Jean-Baptiste Tandé (guitar, accordion), Trio for a green pea (Trio pour un p'tit pois) paces up and down, right and left of all concert halls. The programme has been performed over 250 times since its creation in 2007, not only in France but also in Festival Intercambio de Linguagem (FIL) 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in the Vancouver and Calgary International Children's Festivals in May 2009, and in the Ottawa Internation Children's Festival in May 2010.


The Love Music Festival artists are: Jonny Axelsson (Sweden) | Pascal Ayerbe (France) | Creaking Tree String Quartet (Canada) | Eva Quartet (Bulgaria) | Huun Huur Tu (Tuva) | Kolektif Istanbul (Turkey) | Kora Master (West Africa) | Oren Marshall & The Charming Transport Band (UK) | The Petebox (UK) | Sväng (Finland).

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