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Kolektif Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul is a collection of players of various modern styles, some of whom met playing locally in Turkey, but all their music has one thing in common: the colours of Istanbul.

Influenced by Eastern European and traditional Turkish music, the original melodies and character of the music shine through Kolektif Istanbul's creative and exciting orchestrations. Their rich sound bends the depth of Anatolian blues with the dynamism of Balkan fanfare using Bulgarian bagpipes (Gayda), clarinet, saxophone, accordion, tuba and percussion.

Over two albums, the Kolektif has developed their playing, arriving at a funky, jazzy style at double the tempo and double the energy. Asli Dogan, the Kolektif's vocalist brings added emotional intensity and sensitivity to the performance through song.


The Love Music Festival artists are: Jonny Axelsson (Sweden) | Pascal Ayerbe (France) | Creaking Tree String Quartet (Canada) | Eva Quartet (Bulgaria) | Huun Huur Tu (Tuva) | Kolektif Istanbul (Turkey) | Kora Master (West Africa) | Oren Marshall & The Charming Transport Band (UK) | The Petebox (UK) | Sväng (Finland).

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