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Events 2009
  October 2009
  Wed 28 ( 7.30 pm) pianocircus
  Wed 28 () Pippa Murphy: Pathfinder
  Thu 29 ( 7.45 pm) Fidelio Trio
  Fri 30 (12 noon) Chinese Music Seminar
  Fri 30 ( 1.10 pm) Darragh Morgan, violin
  Fri 30 ( 7.00 pm) Vincent Dance Theatre, If We Go On
  Fri 30 ( 7.30 pm) Pete Stollery, Altered Images
  Fri 30 ( 7.30 pm) pianocircus
  Fri 30 ( 7.30 pm) Irene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
  Sat 31 (10.00 am) Music Workshops for young people! Workshop 1: Age 10-13
  Sat 31 ( 1.00 pm) Edinburgh Quartet and James Clapperton, piano
  Sat 31 ( 5.00 pm) Chinese Music: traditional and new, from The Harmony Ensemble & Elphinstone Fiddlers
  Sat 31 ( 7.30 pm) Soundings: dance triple bill
  November 2009
  Sun 1 (10.00 am) Making Music for Dance, Making Dance with Music
  Sun 1 ( 2.30 pm) Strange Rainbow
  Sun 1 ( 3.00 pm) Irene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
  Sun 1 ( 8.00 pm) Irene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
  Sun 1 ( 8.30 pm) Strange Rainbow
  Mon 2 (11.00 am) Workshop, with Pete Stollery and Alistair MacDonald
  Thu 5 ( 8.00 pm) Burkhard Beins and Bill Thompson, Resonant Frequencies
  Fri 6 ( 1.10 pm) Margaret Preston, flute & Alina Bzhezhinska, harp
  Fri 6 ( 7.30 pm) Mark Wastell and Will Guthrie, Resonant Frequencies
  Fri 6 ( 8.00 pm) King Creosote and Pictish Trail
  Fri 6 ( 8.00 pm) Con Anima, Evening Land
  Sat 7 (10.00 am) Music Workshops for young people! Workshop 1: Age 10-13
  Sat 7 (12 noon) Geoff Palmer, cello & George Chittenden, organ
  Sat 7 ( 1.00 pm) Margaret Preston, flute & Alina Bzhezhinska, harp
  Sat 7 ( 8.00 pm) Burkhard Beins, Will Guthrie, Bill Thompson and Mark Wastell, Resonant Frequencies
  Sun 8 (10.30 am) Resonant Frequencies: Connect
  Sun 8 ( 2.30 pm) Donald Hawksworth, piano
  Sun 8 ( 7.00 pm) fORCH, Resonant Frequencies
  Mon 9 ( 7.30 pm) Dunedin Consort Singers and Players
  Mon 9 () Left Bank Residency: Lisa O'Brien
  Tue 10 ( 7.45 pm) Nava Rasa Ensemble
  Wed 11 ( 5.15 pm) Tadej Kenig, clarinet
  Thu 12 (12.45 pm) Primrose Piano Quartet
  Thu 12 ( 2.00 pm) Residency Open Rehearsal
  Thu 12 ( 7.30 pm) Primrose Piano Quartet
  Fri 13 ( 6.00 pm) Richard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
  Fri 13 ( 7.00 pm) Art and Music
  Fri 13 ( 7.30 pm) Ross Whyte: Fog
  Fri 13 ( 7.30 pm) Primrose Piano Quartet
  Fri 13 ( 8.00 pm) Richard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
  Sat 14 (10.30 am) Flute and clarinet workshop day, with Richard Craig, Roberto Fabbriciani and Tadej Kenig
  Sat 14 ( 1.00 pm) Rohan de Saram, cello & Suren de Saram, percussion
  Sat 14 ( 4.00 pm) Roberto Fabbriciani, flute
  Sat 14 ( 7.30 pm) New Oxford Trio
  Sat 14 ( 7.30 pm) Miriama Young: Disappearing Lightly, Like That
  Sun 15 ( 2.00 pm) Pre-concert talk with Miriama Young
  Sun 15 ( 3.00 pm) Richard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
  Sun 15 ( 8.00 pm) Daniel Padden & The One Ensemble + Sarah Kenchington + Matricarians
  Mon 16 (11.00 am) Tadej Kenig, clarinet
  Tue 17 ( 7.45 pm) Roger B. Williams, organ
  Wed 18 ( 5.15 pm) Richard Craig, flute and Karin Hellqvist, violin
  Thu 19 (12.45 pm) Mark Tanner, piano and John McLeod, Narrator
  Thu 19 ( 7.30 pm) Richard Craig, flute
  Thu 19 ( 8.00 pm) Shifting Currents, with Bill Thompson, Keith Rowe and Rick Reed
  Fri 20 ( 7.30 pm) An evening with Chemikal Underground Records
  Fri 20 ( 7.30 pm) BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Piers Lane, piano and Petr Altrichter, conductor
  Fri 20 ( 8.00 pm) Edinburgh Quartet with Jessica Beeston, viola
  Sat 21 (10.30 am) University of Aberdeen Music Prize Open Rehearsal
  Sat 21 (11.00 am) Giant: The Songbird
  Sat 21 (12 noon) The Chapel Choir of King's College
  Sat 21 ( 1.00 pm) University New Music Group
  Sat 21 ( 2.30 pm) Giant: The Songbird
  Sat 21 ( 6.30 pm) Composer Portrait: James Macmillan
  Sat 21 ( 8.00 pm) Ian Watt & Sean Shibe, Classical Guitar
  Sun 22 (11.00 am) Chapel Service
  Sun 22 ( 5.00 pm) sound lecture 2009: James MacMillan
  Sun 22 ( 6.30 pm) University of Aberdeen Music Prize Gala Concert
  Sun 22 ( 8.00 pm) Red Note Ensemble
Artists 2009
  Aidan Moffat
  Petr Altrichter
  articulate animal
  Miguel Azguime
  Richard Barrett
  BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
  Alasdair Beatson
  Jessica Beeston
  Burkhard Beins
  John Butcher
  Alina Bzhezhinska
  Bill Campbell
  The Chapel Choir of King's College
  George Chittenden
  James Clapperton
  Con Anima
  Richard Craig
  Rhodri Davies
  Stephen Davismoon
  Irene Drummond
  Dunedin Consort
  Edinburgh Quartet
  David Elliott
  Elphinstone Fiddlers
  Peter Evans
  Roberto Fabbriciani
  Fidelio Trio
  Clea Friend
  Philip Glass
  Will Guthrie
  The Harmony Ensemble
  John Harris
  Sue Hawksley
  Donald Hawksworth
  Karin Hellqvist
  Kimho Ip
  Esaias Järnegard
  Dominic Karski
  Patrick Keenan
  Sarah Kenchington
  Tadej Kenig
  King Creosote
  Aleksander Kolkowski
  Piers Lane
  Aaron Jonah Lewis
  Fong Liu
  Paul Lovens
  Alistair MacDonald
  James MacMillan
  Martin John Henry
  Rosalind Masson
  Edward McGuire
  Catriona McKay
  John McLeod
  Gordon McPherson
  Paul Mealor
  Phil Minton
  Wolfgang Mitterer
  Darragh Morgan
  Dr John Morrison
  Pippa Murphy
  Hiroshi Nakamura
  Nava Rasa Ensemble
  Peter Nelson
  New Oxford Trio
  Lisa O'Brien
  Paul Obermayer
  Yuko Ohara
  Nigel Osborne
  other ensemble
  Daniel Padden & The One Ensemble
  Geoff Palmer
  Suzanne Parry
  Claire Pencak
  The Phantom Band
  The Pictish Trail
  Emma Pollock
  Michael Popper
  Margaret Preston
  Primrose Quartet
  Red Note Ensemble
  Rick Reed
  David Revill
  Keith Rowe
  Paul Rudy
  Rohan de Saram
  Suren de Saram
  Oliver Searle
  Sean Shibe
  Claire M Singer
  Mattias Sköld
  Ian Spink
  Jyotsna Srikanth
  Peter Stewart
  Pete Stollery
  Chris Stout
  Mark Tanner
  John Tavener
  Simon Thacker
  Bill Thompson
  Paul Tierney
  University New Music Group
  Jonas Valfridsson
  Vincent Dance Theatre
  Param Vir
  Garry Walker
  Ute Wassermann
  Mark Wastell
  Ian Watt
  Ross Whyte
  Gareth Williams
  Roger B. Williams
  James Wyness
  May Kay Yau
  Miriama Young
Venues 2009
  Aberdeen Art Gallery
  Aboyne Community Theatre
  Beach Ballroom
  Citymoves Studio
  Cowdray Hall
  Duff House
  Elphinstone Hall
  His Majestys Theatre Studio
  Huntly Hotel
  Institute of Medical Sciences
  Inverurie Town Hall
  Kemnay Church Centre
  Kings College Chapel
  Left Bank
  Lemon Tree
  MacRobert Building
  Migvie Church
  Monymusk Arts Centre
  Museum of Scottish Lighthouses
  Music Hall
  Nairn Community Centre
  Newton Dee
  North East of Scotland Music School
  Peacock Visual Arts
  Queens Cross Church
  Salmon Bothy
  St Andrews Cathedral
  St Machars Cathedral
  Suttie Centre
  Woodend Barn

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