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Indian Red Lopez

Indian Red Lopez

I|R|L is an idea conceived from everything and nothing at all. I|R|L is a guitars, electronics and visuals outfit from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Scott Maskame - Drums | Percussion | Beats | Programming
Danny Forsyth - Guitars | Synths
David Cherry - Guitars | Synths | Vocals
Darren Forsyth - Bass | Vox
Michael Chang - Guitars | Synths | Programming | Vox


Formed in Nov 08, I|R|L make electronic/guitar/dance-driven music about the Scottish infrastructure that surrounds them, creating an all round multi-sensory experience.

In May 09 I|R|L released their self-published Castles Incomplete EP, featuring 3 new tracks plus a bonus remix from Fence Collective wizard & King Creosote drummer OnTheFly. The EP also features limited edition artwork, designed and arranged by the band.

The band have since finished two tours, both in the UK and Europe, having shared the stage with Four Tet, Fenech Soler, Union of Knives, King Creosote, The Twilight Sad & Idlewild. The band have also been featured on Glasgow PodcART, Jim Gellatly's New Music Podcast and Vic Galloway's BBC Radio Scotland & Radio 1 Shows to rave reviews. In a live capacity, they include things onstage that excite them: real-time animations, projected images and visual treats. I|R|L try their very hardest to engage, and engage they will.

I|R|L are currently in the studio, finishing off new tracks for their debut record, with pending release later this year.

KYS 15th April
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Visions of Utopia are what IRL hope to induce. I feel that this EP is a musical Utopia. I feel some way transported to some ideal place. 'Castles Incomplete' is a visionary system of ideas that I simply love. I am convinced that all reason- able people, in possession of all his/her intellectual faculties, will love this EP as much as I do. Listen to Indian Red Lopez - 'Castles Incomplete'. You will know what I mean. It blows that shit out of the water on so many levels it is scary.

Glasgow PodcART 09

Produced by the Union Of Knives, in what few reviews the EP has had there have already been comparisons to the solo work of Thom Yorke. Straight from the off with opener 'Ropes' - already one of the finest songs of this year - you'll have your mind haunted by the voice of singer Michael Chang. It's backed up by great tunes, clever lyrics and top class musicianship.

The Scotsman
Under The Radar 09

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