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Please note that this year's programme contains a number of separate strands which can also be viewed individually as follows:

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events in sound 2009
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28Wed 7.30 pmAberdeenpianocircus
28WedBanchoryPippa Murphy: Pathfinder
29Thu 7.45 pmAberdeenFidelio Trio
30Fri12 noonAberdeenChinese Music Seminar
30Fri 1.10 pmAberdeenDarragh Morgan, violin
30Fri 7.00 pmAberdeenVincent Dance Theatre, If We Go On
30Fri 7.30 pmTarlandPete Stollery, Altered Images
30Fri 7.30 pmNairnpianocircus
30Fri 7.30 pmBieldsideIrene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
31Sat10.00 amAberdeenMusic Workshops for young people! Workshop 1: Age 10-13
31Sat 1.00 pmAberdeenEdinburgh Quartet and James Clapperton, piano
31Sat 5.00 pmAberdeenChinese Music: traditional and new, from The Harmony Ensemble & Elphinstone Fiddlers
31Sat 7.30 pmBanchorySoundings: dance triple bill
1Sun10.00 amAberdeenMaking Music for Dance, Making Dance with Music
1Sun 2.30 pmHuntlyStrange Rainbow
1Sun 3.00 pmMonymuskIrene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
1Sun 8.00 pmAberdeenIrene Drummond, soprano & Alasdair Beatson, piano
1Sun 8.30 pmAberdeenStrange Rainbow
2Mon11.00 amAberdeenWorkshop, with Pete Stollery and Alistair MacDonald
5Thu 8.00 pmAberdeenBurkhard Beins and Bill Thompson, Resonant Frequencies
6Fri 1.10 pmAberdeenMargaret Preston, flute & Alina Bzhezhinska, harp
6Fri 7.30 pmFraserburghMark Wastell and Will Guthrie, Resonant Frequencies
6Fri 8.00 pmBanchoryKing Creosote and Pictish Trail
6Fri 8.00 pmAberdeenCon Anima, Evening Land
7Sat10.00 amAberdeenMusic Workshops for young people! Workshop 1: Age 10-13
7Sat12 noonAberdeenGeoff Palmer, cello & George Chittenden, organ
7Sat 1.00 pmAberdeenMargaret Preston, flute & Alina Bzhezhinska, harp
7Sat 8.00 pmAberdeenBurkhard Beins, Will Guthrie, Bill Thompson and Mark Wastell, Resonant Frequencies
8Sun10.30 amAberdeenResonant Frequencies: Connect
8Sun 2.30 pmAberdeenDonald Hawksworth, piano
8Sun 7.00 pmAberdeenfORCH, Resonant Frequencies
9Mon 7.30 pmAberdeenDunedin Consort Singers and Players
9MonTarlandLeft Bank Residency: Lisa O'Brien
10Tue 7.45 pmAberdeenNava Rasa Ensemble
11Wed 5.15 pmAberdeenTadej Kenig, clarinet
12Thu12.45 pmAberdeenPrimrose Piano Quartet
12Thu 2.00 pmBanchoryResidency Open Rehearsal
12Thu 7.30 pmBanffPrimrose Piano Quartet
13Fri 6.00 pmAberdeenRichard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
13Fri 7.00 pmAberdeenArt and Music
13Fri 7.30 pmTarlandRoss Whyte: Fog
13Fri 7.30 pmBieldsidePrimrose Piano Quartet
13Fri 8.00 pmAberdeenRichard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
14Sat10.30 amAberdeenFlute and clarinet workshop day, with Richard Craig, Roberto Fabbriciani and Tadej Kenig
14Sat 1.00 pmAberdeenRohan de Saram, cello & Suren de Saram, percussion
14Sat 4.00 pmTarlandRoberto Fabbriciani, flute
14Sat 7.30 pmAboyneNew Oxford Trio
14Sat 7.30 pmTarlandMiriama Young: Disappearing Lightly, Like That
15Sun 2.00 pmBanchoryPre-concert talk with Miriama Young
15Sun 3.00 pmBanchoryRichard Craig and Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes, Tadej Kenig, clarinet and Rohan de Saram, cello
15Sun 8.00 pmAberdeenDaniel Padden & The One Ensemble + Sarah Kenchington + Matricarians
16Mon11.00 amAberdeenTadej Kenig, clarinet
17Tue 7.45 pmAberdeenRoger B. Williams, organ
18Wed 5.15 pmAberdeenRichard Craig, flute and Karin Hellqvist, violin
19Thu12.45 pmAberdeenMark Tanner, piano and John McLeod, Narrator
19Thu 7.30 pmPortsoyRichard Craig, flute
19Thu 8.00 pmAberdeenShifting Currents, with Bill Thompson, Keith Rowe and Rick Reed
20Fri 7.30 pmAberdeenAn evening with Chemikal Underground Records
20Fri 7.30 pmAberdeenBBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Piers Lane, piano and Petr Altrichter, conductor
20Fri 8.00 pmKemnayEdinburgh Quartet with Jessica Beeston, viola
21Sat10.30 amAberdeenUniversity of Aberdeen Music Prize Open Rehearsal
21Sat11.00 amAberdeenGiant: The Songbird
21Sat12 noonAberdeenThe Chapel Choir of King's College
21Sat 1.00 pmAberdeenUniversity New Music Group
21Sat 2.30 pmAberdeenGiant: The Songbird
21Sat 6.30 pmAberdeenComposer Portrait: James Macmillan
21Sat 8.00 pmAberdeenIan Watt & Sean Shibe, Classical Guitar
22Sun11.00 amAberdeenChapel Service
22Sun 5.00 pmAberdeensound lecture 2009: James MacMillan
22Sun 6.30 pmAberdeenUniversity of Aberdeen Music Prize Gala Concert
22Sun 8.00 pmAberdeenRed Note Ensemble

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