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Other Ensemble

other ensemble

The Other Ensemble is a brand new venture, formed for the purpose of collaboration and exploration with a focus on all things aleatoric, democratic and interdisciplinary. The group is a collective of Edinburgh-based creative musicians, all of whom are composers and improvisers who share an eclectic range of expertise. The Other Ensemble is a self-sufficient open forum that in its present state comprises of Chris Greive (trombone), Suzanne Parry (clarinets), Richard Worth (flutes/sound design), and Luke Drummond (pitched percussion/piano/sound design).

Australian born trombonist Chris Greive has been living in Edinburgh since 2000 & has worked, recorded & written for many varied groups including the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, The Bad Plus, Tom Bancroft Six Pack, Salsa Celtica & most importantly his own co-led trio NeWt. His approach to improvised music is that greater influences & technique free the mind to create constructively & spontaneously through shared experience.

Suzanne Parry is primarily a composer of chamber and theatrical music who has recently made the journey back to performing after a ten year break from playing the clarinet. This was decision spurred by practical necessity, and re-enforced by her philosophy that composers have a responsibility to themselves and others be pro-active, responsible contributors to the music they create. She is the composer of the re-membering(s) accoustic score.

Richard Worth has had a distinguished career on the New York jazz scene and works as composer, performer and teacher in Scotland. Compositionally, Richard is primarily interested in blurred tonality. His recent work is a synthesis of the abstract expressionism of European modernism, and the linear and visceral world of the American Jazz tradition.

Luke Drummond is a composer and instrument hacker interested in the perceptive crossovers between pulse, tone, and structure. Although primarily a composer of instrumental chamber music, Luke has much fun with the undefinable and the immediate worlds of the improvisatory and reflexive - something inherent in the developmental structures in his composed music. Working in collaboration with Richard Worth, Luke created the electro-acoustic sound design which features in re-membering(s).

events in 2009 with other ensemble
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31Sat 7.30 pmBanchorySoundings: dance triple bill