north east scotland's festival of new music

artists and composers

Artists and composers involved in sound 2009 offseason events include

Robert Aitken

Paul Anderson

Keith Armstrong

Catherine Bowman

Justin Brook

James Clapperton

Ricardo Climent

Philip Coulthard

Mukul Dahal

Hywel Davies

Grant Fraser

Alisdair Gordon

Mike Gosling

Douglas W. Gray

Jen Hadfield

Johnny Hardie

John Hearne

Margot Henderson

Haworth Hodgkinson

Richard Ingham

Valerie Faith Irvine-Fortescue

Brian Johnstone

Philip Knight

Esther Lamneck

David Liddell

Eric Lyon

John Mackie

Louise Major

Andrew May

Mary McCarthy

Elizabeth McNutt

Michael Moar

Keith Murray

Susanne Olbrich

Mark Pithie

Bengt Pohjanen

Rick Reed

Sheila Reid

Keith Rowe

Robert Rowe

Claire M Singer

Fredrik Sixten

Knotbrook Taylor

Bill Thompson

Ross Whyte

Roger B. Williams

Paul Wilson

Miriama Young

Catriona Yule

The artists and composers involved in previous sound festivals can be viewed in the 'past' section of this website. The people involved in the 2009 festival will be announced later this year - please check back here soon for more details or contact us to join the mailing list.