north east scotland's festival of new music

Left Bank Residency: Lisa O'Brien

"As sound is time based or durational it is tied to space and therefore place. It is the indivisible aspect of time and place and their contribution to a precise conciousness which intrigues me. By juxtaposing sound and image, not always using matching field recordings and real time, I want to draw attention to temporality, to question realities, to take time to experience fleeting moments and their universal qualities. Sound and visual are of equal importance in my work, I want them to comment on each other and present shifting perspectives. And by interrupting the natural link between sound and image I want to try and raise the viewer's awareness that they are not the centre of the piece. Exposing the construction of some pieces is an attempt to suggest an alternative reality to the viewer."

- Lisa O'Brien


Monday 9 November 2009 - Saturday 14th November 2009

Left Bank, 5 Bridge Street, Tarland

Tickets: Free

Promoter: Left Bank