"The Sounding Board" by Gillian Fleetwood for lever harp

A duet for lever harp

Commissioned by sound for the Aberdeen Harp Book with the support of the following: Megan Albon, Steve Albon, James Black, Hennie Blok, Alistair Brown, Maggie Cassie, Tara Cunningham, Maria Dawson, Helen Duff, Georgina Errington, Heather Gibson, Hugh Gibson, Margaret Gibson, Rachel Groves, Ruth Groves, Dave Hendry, Johnny Johnson, Sheila Kinniburgh, Colin Larmour, Pauline Larmour, David Libby Thomas-Wright, Iona Libby Thomas-Wright, Catriona MacDonald, Jessie McKay, Gail Nixon, Graeme Nixon, Sophie Painter, Juliette Paton, Catherine Rose, Lynn Saunders, Diana Smith, Elma Smith, Anneka Wallace, Irene Watt, Marian Waumsley, Heather Yule.

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