"Dulax" by Pete Stollery for lever harp and digital sound

Dulax was commissioned by and composed for Alan Carr, who gave the first performance on 2nd November 2014 at Glenbuchat Hall, Aberdeenshire as part of the soundfestival 2014. It's one of the first three works commissioned for the Aberdeen Harp Project.

The score is in C and is written for 34 string lever harp tuned in Eb, with a range from C2 to A6, where C4 is middle C. Lever positions are assumed to be open (in Eb) unless otherwise indicated in the score.

If necessary, the harp can be amplified so that it can blend with the digital sound part; if the harp is amplified, the microphone signals should be summed to mono and panned centre with the stereo digital sound part emanting from two full-range loudspeakers placed either side of the player, about 3 metres apart.

Dulax is the name of Alan Carr’s house in Glenbuchat. The name derives from the Gaelic Dubh leac which can be translated as “hill slope”.

Download below.