Sonic Postcards

Sonic Postcards is a unique and innovative project that enables pupils from across the UK to explore and compare their local sound environments through the exchange of sound postcards with other schools via the internet. The project focuses on the impact of sound on our lives, and the possibilities for creativity through the manipulation of sound with technology. As with an ordinary postcard, it offers the opportunity for people to exchange information about their local environments providing windows into a variety of places, lives and cultures from urban to rural.

The project is aimed at young people in primary, secondary and special schools aged between 9 and 14 years, from a number of regions around the UK. So far over 100 projects have been delivered by workshop leaders in schools throughout the UK, from the most northerly tip of Shetland to the end of Cornwall, reaching approximately 3000 pupils.

Sonic Postcards links a number of studies throughout the 5-14 Guidelines and National Curriculum, including music, geography and ICT, as well as English, citizenship, history, science and art, and is pertinent to key government initiatives for e-learning and for the environment. Through the Sonic Postcards project, aspects of composition, identity, creativity, sense of place and use of technology are covered.

Download the resource pack below.