"A Rose Garden" by Şirin Pancaroğlu and Bora Uymaz for lever harp

A Rose Garden has been commissioned by The North East Branch of The Clarsach Society and Alan Carr. It's one of the first three pieces commissioned for the Aberdeen Harp Project. The four beginner level pieces for lever harp presented in this collection are based on elements of Turkish music, namely a scale system called “makam” and a system of rhythmic patterns called “usul”.

“White Rose” is composed in the makam of “rast”. The short piece’s “usul” is sofyan, the 4/4 western count. It is a delicate rendering of innocence as generally communicated by white roses.

“Pink Rose” explores the dreamy flavour of the “nikriz” makam, set in a slow tempo, as an expression of endless love.

“Yellow Rose” also uses the nikriz makam which particularly suits the character of the harp. The joyful 9/8 bar is divided as 2+3+2+2, which is called “Raks Aksagi” (a dance pattern), with the strong beats falling on the first and sixth 8th notes of everybar.

The following piece, the final of the set, is in the makam of neveser, and with its fast 7/8 bar is again a dance form, communicating the passion and energy usually associated with orange roses.

The pieces can be performed as a suite or independently. It is easiest to have the lever harp tuned in B flat major if all pieces are to be played together. Lever changes between pieces should be memorized and done as fast as possible.

Bora Uymaz (b. 1976) is a composer and singer of Turkish music, and lives in Izmir, Turkey. Şirin Pancaroğlu (b. 1968) is a harpist and multifaceted musician who makes Istanbul