Spotlight gig: Stephanie Lamprea (soprano) and James Banner (double bass)

  • Performance
  • Family Friendly
  • Free event
Sonia AlloriFall from grace
Georgina MacDonell FinlaysonNature is in FreefallWorld Première
Aileen SweeneyLuminous Tree - Movement II from They Brush the SkylineWorld Première
Kevin LeomoThe Surface of the Night (Words by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki)UK Première
Ben LunnWelcome to the unwelcomeWorld Première
Ailie RobertsonDun ShithUK Première
Emily DoolittleSocial sounds from whales at night
Rylan GleaveCapriccio

Stephanie Lamprea (soprano) and James Banner (double bass) have been, until now, a purely virtual collaborative team. Their performance at soundfestival marks their premiere as a performing duo, where they present works by Scottish and Scotland-based composers on the festival theme of environment, including three world premieres newly composed for this concert.

There are explorations of plundering consumerism, the nature emergency, trees and skylines, fragility, guerrilla defence, fairies, whales, and the space between dreams and reality.