Rylan Gleave

  • Composer

Rylan Gleave is a composer and vocalist from the north of England, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

His compositions have recently included pieces for d/Deaf actors in morality-tale style narratives (The Strange Musician, 2019), chamber works about navigating neurodiversity (Permanent Address, 2020), defiantly Queer sound art (Distinguished Guests, 2017), duets for out-of-tune piano and snoring (Stolen hours, 2019), and relaxed concert music for children with Additional Support Needs (Six Weather Pictures, 2019).

Recent successes have included being selected from three worldwide Call for Scores, issued by Nevis Ensemble (you are embodied air, afloat 2020), Rolf Hind (The void above, 2020), and Red Note Ensemble, (Unpitched skin, 2020) the Nevis Call for Scores culminating in a new commission for their Year of Coasts and Waters Tour, 2020 (winding through seaweed, 2020, which will receive a BBC Radio premiere). He was also awarded 2nd Prize in the Septet category of The Diversity Initiative Call for Scores (In a sea of screaming I hear your voice, 2020), and an Honourable Mention in the Trio Category (Sediment, 2020).

Rylan performs as lead vocalist with theatrical black metal band Ashenspire, and as a live and recording artist for contemporary vocal works. He also sings as a baritone with Wellington Church Choir, in the West End of Glasgow.

Rylan is currently studying a Master of Music degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, supported by an RCS Trust scholarship, and The Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust, after graduating from his Bachelor of Music Degree with First Class Honours.