New Music Scotland

New Music Scotland was set up to help generate a vibrant and thriving new music sector, which will contribute to making Scotland an international leader in contemporary creative music practice. As a cooperative, it exists to connect, enable and support makers of innovative and experimental new music: musicians, sound artists, composers, promoters and producers in Scotland. New Music Scotland will create and maintain a supportive environment for innovation.

sound is a founder member of New Music Scotland and Fiona Robertson, sound’s Festival Director is a Board member.

New Music Scotland's aims are:

  • To bring together makers who are either wholly or partially engaged in creating/performing new and innovative music and sound, and promoting organisations;
  • To establish and maintain communication mechanisms for new music in Scotland;
  • To encourage and facilitate collaboration with other art-forms and sectors;
  • To provide a supportive environment for innovation in music and sound;
  • To actively campaign for the commissioning and programming of new music;
  • To increase the awareness and profile of new music in Scotland, both nationally and internationally;
  • To explore and disseminate new ways of developing audiences for new music.

To find out more, please visit their website.