Our Mission & Values

sound is a collaborative new music incubator fostering innovation, nurturing talent & sharing the excitement of creativity & discovering new sounds with people across Scotland.

Our Mission

Our mission is of an embedded regionally-based organisation with national reach & an international reputation making a key contribution to the diversity & ambition of the Scottish new music scene & enriching our local community.

Our Commitments

sound are committed to making the new music sector fairer & more representative for all underrepresented groups. As well as our own engagements, we are members of Keychange (https://www.keychange.eu/) & Fair Access Principles (https://soundandmusic.org/our-impact/fair-access-principles/) .

We are fully committed to fighting climate change, we have been engaged in this since 2018, putting reduce-reuse-recycle at the centre of what we do and encouraging artists to travel by train. We will continue to build on this, capturing data to better understand where we can make a difference, working with local arts organisations to better adapt to a changing environment. We are members of the Green Arts Initiative & Scottish Classical Sustainability Group (SCSG).

We are committed to treating all our staff, board members, freelancers, artists and volunteers fairly & have an extensive Fairwork policy. We have a clear document outlining rates of pay for freelancers, & are continuing to put in place meaningful ways of ensuring that we provide an effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect.