Red Note Ensemble

Red Note Ensemble is sound’s associate ensemble. We work together regularly – sharing ideas, devising projects and commissioning composers. Some of the projects we have worked jointly on have included the Framed Against the Sky community engagement project, Go Compose! course for young composers, a major international joint project with the Orchestre d’Auvergne and Musiques Démesurées (France).

Red Note Ensemble was founded in 2008 by Scottish cellist Robert Irvine, and is directed by John Harris (Chief Executive and Artistic Co-Director) and Robert Irvine (Artistic Co-Director). The Ensemble performs the established classics of contemporary music, commissions new music, develops the work of new and emerging composers from around the world and finds new spaces and new ways of performing contemporary music to attract new audiences.

Red Note’s performing ensemble is drawn from the deep talent pool of Scottish new music expertise, and counts amongst its players some of the very finest performers working in the UK today. Red Note undertake a Spring and Autumn season each year comprising tours, site-specific work and collaborations with other companies within Scotland, around the UK and abroad, and run regular new music series showcasing the work of new composers (Noisy Nights and Noisy Words). It is also extensively involved in the education sector, particularly at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, as well as soundfestival in Aberdeen. The company is now developing collaborations and new work with companies abroad.

Red Note is Associate Contemporary Ensemble at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, an Associate Company of the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh and Associate Ensemble of soundfestival Aberdeen.

Red Note Ensemble is a Scottish success story” Anna Picard, The Times

(Red Note’s pianist) Simon Smith knocked off outrageously elaborate figuration as though a tune on a pub piano” Paul Driver, Sunday Times

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