PRS Foundation announces Talent Development Partners for 2019/20

We're thrilled to announce that sound will continue to be a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner in 2019/20, one of 45 organisations working at the frontline of talent development in the UK, supporting a broad range of individual music creators across different music genres and UK regions.

sound’s soundcreators programme nurtures and develops creators and composers, offering a range of support including workshops, commissioning and a composer-in-residence scheme.
Being an innovative new music creator is an ongoing challenge. Adventurous audiences are small, funding is rare and there are a limited number of artists performing this type of work, making it difficult for composers to find commissions and have work performed.  As one of Scotland’s principal new music promoters, we are committed to supporting UK and Scottish creators – nurturing their talent and facilitating opportunities to have their music heard nationally and internationally. 

Our soundcreators programme offers a number of development opportunities, supporting those creating cutting-edge new music from across the “new” music spectrum in the UK. It includes emerging, mid-career and established composers as well as creative performers who work closely with composers and/or are creative through improvisation. 

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