Hear what goes on at Get Composing

Get Composing Taster Session – Sunday 4 February 2018 

We spent two hours working with Pete and managed to improvise a piece from start to finish that everyone contributed to. This is what we came up with:

"The great thing about this piece is how smoothly it moves from chaos to order, where chaos was “piano tennis” and “going bananas” and order was G pentatonic but with that rogue F# that gave the piece such a peaceful ending. The descending chords at the start have a manic character to them (made me think of The Joker laughing!); following this unified, collaborative opening, everyone then splits up to assume their different roles, vibrating string chords supporting some amazingly tense conversations between flute and guitar; two dramatic glissandi on the inside of the piano signal the start of “piano tennis”; a change of string chord, that piano glissando again and everyone “goes bananas”, yet there seems to be some kind of order within this chaos; high repeated piano chords and rhapsodic violin swoops lead to a much calmer section; the clouds clear, the sun comes out; long flute tones and single piano notes pick out G pentatonic; gentle strumming from the guitar and then that F# comes in which changes everything – it’s all going to be OK, everything will be fine, there is hope! One by one everyone fades out…"  Pete Stollery