soundfestival 2016 Composer’s Day: Writing for String Quartet

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Oportunity to work with renowned Bozzini Quartet and composers Graham Fitkin and Dave Fennessy

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sound festival and me - how sound helped shape my career

Lliam Paterson
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soundbytes - supporting the creation of new music

by Alan Carr

Aberdeen Harp Project

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sound Festival 2015: Impressively diverse

by Mark Brown
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Made 2 Resonate

Colin Riley

At sound we are all about new music.

We think everyone should go on a sonic adventure, discovering new sounds and widening their musical horizons.

We support composers to create - making new music is important to us.

We’re about expecting the unexpected and making the north-east of Scotland a more exciting and vibrant place to live and visit.

soundfestival 20th October - 6 November 2016

surroundsound throughout the year


Call for composers

8 July 16

A flick through the festival’s 30-page brochure or a browse of its superb website should be enough to excite any arts lover.

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