Bill Thompson "Sound of Light"

Video - soundfestival 2016

The Aberdeen Harp Project

scores available to download

Making Music Count

resource for primary school teachers - download music activities for the classroom!

sound festival and me - how sound helped shape my career

Lliam Paterson

Why New Music?

Matthew Whiteside (composer)

sound is all about new music.

We invite you on a sonic adventure - discover new sounds and expect the unexpected!

We support composers to create because making new music is important to us.

We think the north-east of Scotland is an exciting and vibrant place to live and visit.

soundfestival 2017: 26 October-12 November

surroundsound events take place throughout the year.

26 October - 12 November

soundfestival 2017


This is a festival that clinches that most elusive of ideals: it’s a genuine meeting point of community engagement and contemporary music.

Kate Molleson, The Guardian

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