Composers' Helpline

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Call our Composers' Helpline if you are a composer looking for general advice, compositional support, help with funding or budgets, project ideas and/or confidential wellbeing support.

Every Wednesday between 2-3pm Pete Stollery, Fiona Robertson, Ruta Vitkauskaite or Emily Doolittle will be available to talk about everything composer-related. 

If you are looking for more compositional support, you should opt for Pete, Emily or Ruta. If you want finance and funding-related advice, you should sign up for a session with Fiona. Other than that all four of our experts are here to support you in any way they can.

Sign up for your 20 min Zoom call by clicking 'book' on one of the offered days and selecting your preferred date and time on the linked website. Make sure that you are able to attend the session as the slots are limited

Please note: The Composer’s Helpline is designed to give as many composers as possible time to discuss individual needs. Although it is possible for attendees to come back for additional help, we may have to limit this in order to leave slots available for others. So please avoid rebooking unless you’ve been advised to return by one of the Composers' Helpline Team or if there is a new or different request.

Please select your session carefully and ensure you can attend the chosen slot. Feel free to email if you have any questions or want to check which member of the Team would be most suited to your inquiry prior to booking. Thank you for your understanding. 


17th April - Pete Stollery

24th April - Emily Doolittle

1st May- Fiona Robertson

8th May - Ruta Vitkauskaite

15th May - Emily Doolittle

22nd May - Ruta Vitkauskaite

29th May - Pete Stollery

5th June - Fiona Robertson

12th June - Emily Doolittle

19th June - Pete Stollery

26th June - Fiona Robertson

If you need further assistance or immediate support you can visit the following websites:

Independent Society of Musicians - Advice & Resources

Musicians' Union - Healthcare Services for Musicians

Help Musicians - Musical Minds Matter 24/7 Counsellor Support Service for anyone who is working in the music industry and is struggling to cope

Help Musicians - Welfare support to help in crisis, retirement or illness

Music Support - Help for those who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction