How does soundbytes work?

soundbytes is an opportunity for individuals, friends or companies to invest in the creation of new music by contributing towards the cost of commissioning new works, or by supporting the cost of a young person’s compositional development.

As a soundbytes investor, you financially support either the commissioning of a new work(s) or a young person’s compositional training and in return receive a number of unique, non-financial advantages.

Each new commission or training cost is divided into a number of soundbytes, depending on its overall cost. Each soundbyte costs £120 and can be bought for either a one-off payment of £120, or you can spread payments over 12 months at £10/month. You choose which commission you would like to support, or whether you’d prefer to invest in a young person, or, if you prefer, sound can choose on your behalf.

The scheme is flexible:

  • You can choose to buy one or multiple soundbytes.
  • You can group together with friends to share in one or more soundbyte.
  • The total soundbytes investment is normally shared between a number of investors. However, sole investors are also welcome to purchase a whole commission or support the totality of a young person’s training. If this is something that interests you, please contact us to discuss as the costs involved vary per commission.
  • If you have a friend or relative who loves contemporary music, soundbytes can also be given as gifts for birthdays and special occasions.

As a soundbytes investor you will:

  • be invited to rehearsals of the new work or to watch a composition training opportunity for young people;
  • be invited to a special reception at the world premiere of the work or the final performance or the young training programme;
  • have the opportunity to meet and chat to the composer and musicians or young people;
  • receive thanks for your support in the score of the piece if relevant and in the concert programme for the world premiere or on the youth training opportunity printed materials;
  • receive a full score of the piece signed by the composer;
  • receive regular new updates on the progress of the new work they are supporting and its subsequent performances.

And most importantly you will have supported an established or emerging composer to create new music!