Get Composing - A new composition experience for young people aged 12-19 years

Interested in developing your skills in composition?

Want to work with a range of professional composers and musicians to explore ideas?

Fancy meeting other like-minded young people in North East Scotland?

Get Composing is a series of composition workshops for young people run by sound, Scotland’s new music organisation based in North-East Scotland. The programme aims to support young people by developing their confidence and experience in music composition with a range of different approaches and techniques through practical workshops.

Get Composing has been designed to be progressive and take you on a compositional journey. We start with tasters, follow this with more in-depth workshops looking at specific aspects of composition, then there will be linked sessions where you can work on and develop your own material with support and guidance from the Get Composing team.

You don’t need to have lots of experience of composition outside of school to sign up, but you will need a willingness to participate and develop your own practice. The programme is particularly suited to those who are thinking about pursuing music at a higher level or those who already play an instrument and want to expand their experiences.

The programme is flexible. You can sign up to all of the workshops or specific sessions. We will be updating the details of the full programme after the taster workshops and a comprehensive evaluation of young people’s needs and availability.

Get Composing is free of charge and generously supported by The Robertson Trust.

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