Reeds, keys and electronics with Kate Halsall (keyboards and electronics)

  • Performance
Artist: Kate Halsall
Ailís ni Riain2 Steep 4 Sheep (some hills are... ) new version for pedal harmonium & electroacoustic tape
Eleanor Cully Movements in two positions
Diana SalazarNew workWorld Première
Pippa MurphyNew workWorld Première
Katharine NormanMaking Place for keyboard & app
Maya Verlaak All English Music is Greensleeves, arr. for pedal harmonium &amp
Rose Doddat the end, fragments. the rest is noiseWorld Première
Linda BuckleyFridur

Tonight pianist Kate Halsall presents an inventive programme of electroacoustic and mixed media works for solo keyboards by diverse UK composers.

World premieres by Scottish based composers Pippa Murphy* and Diana Salazar*, alongside works by Linda Buckley, Ailis Ni Riain, Maya Verlaak, Eleanor Cully, Rose Dodd and Katharine Norman.

Expect cutting edge sounds and ambient and immersive soundscapes.

Enjoy new music in the relaxed Belmont Filmhouse basement bar.

*Commissioned by sound

Interview with Diana Salazar and Kate Halsall from Sound Festival on Vimeo.