Gill Russell (visual artist), Pete Stollery (sound artist), Fraser Fifield (multi-instrumentalist/composer)
  • Performance

A growing awareness of challenging global issues and a realisation that the process of negotiation between humans and nature has gone awry have created a new reality - the consciousness of the world as a single place and the need to re-assess our relationship with the planet.

In the deluge of confusing and bizarre news information directed at us by multiple media sources, we are told what to think, feel and hear. Skim-reading from terrifying news items reporting  extreme weather events to lifestyle tips, sport, health and fashion. How much can we comprehend, control, understand, or believe? 

Throughout time, humanity has turned to mythology and religion, invoking supernatural beings to take responsibility and to explain the mysteries and confusion of the world around us. Ancient myths, for example from Greek and Celtic mythology, resonate in the strangeness of the world today and humankind’s inability to fully understand it.

Pete, Fraser and Gill are exploring all this through an interweaving of art forms.  Gill has created imagery and generated (found) poems from extracts of the media. Pete has developed sound pieces. Imagery, sounds and texts have been interwoven into a narrative to which Fraser has responded, contributing to the live performance through the creation of composed material.