Get Composing 2019-20: Session 3

Guide to 21st century music ideas with John De Simone
  • Workshop
Composer: John De Simone

Get Composing is a flexible programme exploring composition and creative music in a fun and relaxed environment with professional composers and musicians. 

Based in Aberdeen, Get Composing is for young people at secondary school aged 11+ with a general interest in creative composition as well as those who are studying music and need to compose as part of their SQA course. 

You don’t need to have previous experience of composition to take part. If you're enthusiastic about creating your own original music, keen to try out new ideas and develop your skills to the best of your abilities then Get Composing is for you. 

These workshops focus on a different aspect of composition and will give you an opportunity to develop your technique through practical exercises, guidance from professionals and experimentation! 

Each workshop will be delivered by a different composer to give you the broadest range of expertise and knowledge to learn from.  

In this third session we explore 21st century music ideas with composer John De Simone.

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