Cactus - Feedback - Drips

  • Performance
  • Family Friendly
  • Free event
Artist: Pete Stollery

Come and listen to what you can hear when you pluck the spines of a cactus…

…learn about feedback and watch swinging microphones create sound with loudspeakers…

…and listen to drips of water hitting glass tubes and producing beautiful music!

Prof Pete Stollery from the Music Department at the University of Aberdeen will introduce three pieces of music which will engage you and show you how music can be made from the most unlikely objects!

An illustrated family event featuring three pieces of new music, each with a twist: Paul Rudy’s Grandchild of Tree for amplified cactus and electronics, Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music for four swinging microphones and Peter Ablinger’s Weiss/Weisslilch 31e, Membrane, Regen for 8 amplified glass tubes and water drips.

All Ages.


soundfestival 2017: Peter Ablinger - Weiss/Weisslich 31e

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