How does soundbytes work?

Quite simply, the amount of money needed to support each commission is divided into soundbytes. Each soundbyte costs £120 and a soundbyte can be bought for a one-off payment of £120 or by a monthly donation of £10 spread over 12 months.
Soundbytes investors can buy as many soundbytes as they like for as many commissions as they like.
If you’re unsure which commission to support, sound can decide on your behalf which commission to invest in.
soundbytes can also be given as gifts for birthdays or other special occasions and investors can also group together to share in a soundbyte.

Once you’ve chosen which commission you would like to support, you will receive the following special benefits:

  • invitations to rehearsals of the new work;
  • regular news updates on the progress of the new work and subsequent performances;
  • invitation to a special reception at the world première of the work;
  • the opportunity to meet and chat to the composer and musicians;
  • thanks for your support in the score of the piece and in the concert programme for the world première;
  • the opportunity to receive a full score of the piece signed by the composer;

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