Would you like to financially support composers in the creation of new work?

soundbytes allows you to share in the thrill of bringing a piece of new music into the world by joining with sound and others to invest in the commissioning of both established and emerging composers. Enabling composers to create new music is a crucial part of sound's role in developing new music.

"Having previously contributed to commissions on new music, I am thrilled by this opportunity to support soundbytes. It is exciting to be involved with the genesis of a new work, follow its development, to meet the composer and, most of all, to hear the finished work!" - Alan Carr, soundbytes investor

Please note:
soundbytes are not investments for the purpose of the Financial Services Act 1986 and accordingly nothing in this leaflet or on sound's website constitutes investment advice. soundbytes may not be resold or redeemed and are not a form of savings investment. No copyright in works commissioned under the soundbytes scheme will be acquired by the acquisition of soundbytes. The number of soundbytes available in each work represents a proportion of the overall commission cost, once grants and exisiting soundbytes support are taken into account.

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