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27 October - 28 November 2007
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"The entire event was a splendid experience, both entertaining and enlightening."
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26 November 2007
Pete Stollery: scènes, rendez-vous

"this is a repertoire which knows no bounds and we must thank Richard Craig and sound for this brief insight into some of its secrets"
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24 November 2007
Richard Craig, flute

"an inspiring programme of contemporary vocal music"
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University Music 22 November 2007
Every night and every morn
A recital of contemporary song

"extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the large audience that turned up"
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University Music 22 November 2007
Altering Images, presented and diffused by Pete Stollery

"every one of the pieces in the programme was receiving either its UK or its Scottish premiere; just what sound is all about"
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University Music 21 November 2007
Richard Craig, flute, and John Croft, electronics

"the unlikely blend of trombone and quartet really jelled"
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The Herald 20 November 2007
John Kenny and the Edinburgh Quartet,
Woodend Barn Arts Centre, Banchory

"Roger Williams brought it to life with generous helpings of verve and dexterity"
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University Music 20 November 2007
A recital of contemporary organ music

"negotiating a finely drawn line between the grittiness of modern musical language and a softer more nostalgic style"
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The Herald 14 November 2007
Bingham Quartet, Woodend Barn, Banchory

"never before have my ears experienced such a seemingly limitless palette of amazing sounds, some terrifying, some very beautiful indeed"
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University Music 13 November 2007
sound at the Institute of Medical Sciences
John Kenny, trombones & carnyx

"the sheer quality of their playing still stood out; refined, perfectly focused and wonderfully delicate"
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Aberdeen Chamber Music Club 12 November 2007
Sacconi String Quartet, with David Campbell, clarinet

"time itself was made to relax into stasis"
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The Herald 7 November 2007
Sound Festival: Rohan de Saram and Noriko Kawai, Woodend barn Arts Centre, Banchory

"Aberdeen's contemporary music-curious audiences have been sidling out from their granite townhouses to their very own musical field of dreams"
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Scotland on Sunday 4 November 2007
Through the sound barrier

"another unique opportunity to take a mind expanding journey into the astonishing world of electro-acoustic music"
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University Music 1 November 2007
Musique de L’IMEB
Presented by Françoise Barrière & Pete Stollery

"What a wonderful exposition of the contemporary possibilities of the classical guitar."
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University Music 31 October 2007
Simon Thacker: The Alternative Guitar

"World-renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie played to a packed audience in Aberdeen at the week-end"
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Press and Journal 29 October 2007
Top musician hits right notes for Aberdeen audience

"... featuring 67 concerts in 26 venues across the north- east of Scotland in late October and throughout November, it might appear that Scotland's youngest festival is coming of age."
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The Herald 5 September 2007
A northern network in sweet harmony

"This year's festival..."
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press release 7 September 2007
North East Scotland's festival of new music



"de Saram made the cello sound like a whole orchestra"
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The Herald 27 November 2006
Rohan de Saram, Woodend Barn, Banchory

"Fitkin marshalled his forces like a most talented general".
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The Herald 21 November 2006

"Audiences at the Music Hall in Aberdeen witnessed a technical triumph last night as 160 north-east musicians played in harmony".
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Press and Journal 20 November 2006

"a fiery, passionate and nearly faultless performance"
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The Herald 16 November 2006
Aberdeen Sinfonietta, Music Hall, Aberdeen

"Aberdeen's own symphony orchestra celebrated their 20th anniversary with a cracking programme".
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The Evening Express 16 November 2006
Orchestra's ship-shape birthday performance!

"Its surging rhythms and contrasting warm and cold harmonies reflected the capriciousness of the Scottish climate".
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The Herald 14 November 2006
sound festival, various venues, Aberdeen

"Is this a new movement in music? Someone suggested calling it "the new playfulness".
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The Herald 10 November 2006
Symposia, MacRobert Building, Aberdeen

"a sizzling performance"
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The Herald 7 November 2006
Hebrides Ensemble, Woodend Barn, Banchory

"Miss Galante's concert kick-starts a three-week programme of shows by international and local artists as this year's sound festival gets under way"
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Press and Journal 4 November 2006

"the sound festival is already established as an impressive and important strand in Scotland's musical calendar. It is developing real muscle and growing sharp teeth"
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The Herald 28 October 2006



"The brilliantly organised sound Festival in the north east (which must be encouraged to develop) is more of a network than a patchwork. But it gives the sense of a core operation which, since the demise of Musica Nova, Scotland has badly lacked."
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The Herald 26 November 2005
Even a patchwork is better than no work

"Something remarkable is happening in the northeast of Scotland"
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The Herald 9 November 2005
One sound investment Evelyn Glennie, Sally Beamish, James MacMillan, the SSO ... an amazing programme marks the launch of a new, inspirational festival.

"one of the most daring musical initiatives to hit the North-East, if not all of Scotland, in recent years"
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The Scotsman 31 October 2005
Birth of musical miracle from a lowly Aberdeenshire cattleshed

"a festival was assembled that stretched throughout the region and was impressively more than the sum of its parts."
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The Herald 3 December 2005
Rule No 1: never put down your viola

"a stunningly imaginative idea..."
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The Herald 29 November 2005
A Day with James MacMillan, Elphinstone Hall, Aberdeen

"Extrovert, energetic playing..."
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The Herald 29 November 2005
Glasgow String Quartet, Monymusk Arts Trust

"A spellbinding and vivid evocation..."
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The Herald 28 November 2005
BBC SSO with Evelyn Glennie, Music Hall, Aberdeen

"The high quality and the huge number of young musicians taking part were surely a heartening sign for the future of music in the north-east..."
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The Herald 22 November 2005
New Voices in Music, Marischal College, Aberdeen



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