Raphaèle Biston


Raphaèle Biston studied flute in Lyon and Geneva, and then composition at the “Conservatoire National Supérieur” in Lyon.

Her latest pieces show her multifaceted interests in composition: instrumental writing, real-time or pre- recorded computer music, but always giving a central place to the quality of the timbre and its elaboration, in order to reveal its poetical potential, between noise and sound, sound and silence.

Her music has been performed in various contemporary music concerts and festivals, such as: Musiques en scène in Lyon, Musica in Strasbourg, Manca in Nice, Why Note in Dijon, Les Musiques in Marseille, Forum in Moscow, Double Double in Stockholm, Rondò in Milan, la Biennale in Venise, by ensembles such as 2e2m, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, l'Instant Donné, Multilatérale, Ear Unit, Le Concert Impromptu, Les Temps Modernes, Divertimento Ensemble, Ex Novo, Quatuor Béla, Charlotte Testu.