Aurora Engine

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Deborah Shaw(Aurora Engine) is a multi instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and producer living in Edinburgh.  

She was composer-in-residence at Earth In Common in summer 2022 and worked to creatively document through the medium of composition the cultural and social landscape of the earth today. Research took her to the local apiary recording honey bees, the Water of Leith recording birdsong, local beaches collecting waste and observing the tides inspiring this series of sonic portraits.

Recently her process as a composer has seen her take instruments and develop soundscapes and scores blending  traditional and extended instrumental and vocal techniques with electronics. Other recent works include  2 cinematic live-scoring commissions from BFI / Film Hub Scotland in partnership with Cinetopia  for 2 silent films ‘Seashell and the Clergyman’ and ‘Meshes of the Afternoon,’(July 2022) and a series of fixed media film scores (Spiral Out Pictures, Cinetopia, Hot Aches Productions).   

Deborah was recently awarded funding by Creative Scotland to record and release an album under her artist name ‘Aurora Engine’ due to be released later in 2022. She performs with Warp - a contemporary electronic inspired chamber ensemble featuring Emma Lloyd, Richard Craig, John Hails and Duncan Robertson, and Machine Orchid, an electronic inspired folk trio with guitarist / vocalist Caro Overy and violinist / violist  Emma Lloyd.

Image: Konrad Mielniczuk, Meow Studios.