Aberdeen Harp Project

Welcome to the Aberdeen Harp Project, an initiative of sound supported by the north-east branch of The Clarsach Society. sirin pancaroglu promo photo 2010

This project came about following discussions around the lack of available new music for lever harp players of intermediate standard. We decided quite simply to commission new pieces from established composers that would stretch players and introduce them to working with new techniques and in new contexts. The first three pieces for the Aberdeen Harp Project were performed in a concert at Glenbuchat Hall as part of the sound festival on November 2nd 2014.

The composers and pieces were:

Şirin PancaroğluA Rose Garden (joint commission by NE branch of The Clarsach Society and Alan Carr)

Ruth Wall - Croik (commissioned by Edward and Una McFadden)

Pete StolleryDulax (for lever harp and digital sound) (commissioned by Alan Carr) We want to make the Aberdeen Harp Project as accessible as possible and so we are intending to make the pieces available for download as the project moves on.

To launch the project, Pete Stollery’s Dulax,Ruth Wall's Croik and Şirin Pancaroğlu's A Rose Garden are available for download below:



Digital sound part

Mock performance with MIDI harp sound



A Rose Garden:



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