The BrewDog Howls

sound teamed up with Deveron Arts, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Woodend Barn and Gray’s School of Art to deliver Skills Biennale 2014.

Taking the theme of Food And Sustainability, the project aimed to create a new platform for the exchange of skills and ideas between artists and local food practices.

Composer Stephen Montague collaborated with BrewDog brewers to compose a piece of music that brings to life the sounds of a brewery. The performers included BrewDog staff, Joanna Nicholson, clarinet and Tom Hunter, percussion.

Music: Stephen Montague

Words: Isobel Dixon

Press & Journal article about the project

Poet Isobel Dixon wrote a blogpost on what it was like to be give a free creative reign in a brewery and on the various project stages. Read about it on Skills Biennale Blog.

See below for the video (by Ross Whyte) about the performance

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