sound festival 2022

soundfestival 2022 featured over 30 live performances, exhibitions and participatory events in a variety of venues across Aberdeen.

The festival presented 31 World Premieres and commissioned or co-commissioned 19 new works from contemporary composers including Zad Moultaka, Daniel Kidane, Electra Perivolaris, Garth Knox, Ian Wilson, Laura Bowler and more. 

Following the culmination of a five-year focus on ‘endangered instruments’ which highlighted the bassoon, oboe, viola, french horn and the double bass, we brought leading musicians Nicholas Daniel (oboe), Emily Hultmark (bassoon), Ben Goldscheider (horn), Garth Knox (viola) and Elise Dabrowski (double bass) together to perform specially commissioned music for this unique ensemble of instruments.

The festival also featured performances and workshops with Breton piper Erwan Keravec and his pipes quartet SONNEURS, exciting collaborations, lunchtime concerts, a series of 'spotlight' gigs aimed at giving increased visibility to emerging and/or local composers and performers, family-friendly events and informal late-night performances.

2022 soundfestival highlights

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