sound festival 2021

soundfestival 2021 featured over 30 premieres, 25 concerts and a wide-ranging programme of participatory events, conversations, and exhibitions as well as a dedicated double bass day. 

As global leaders prepared to gather for COP26, we commissioned a number of works on an environmental theme to raise awareness of the challenges we are facing. We also asked our visiting artists to travel by train instead of flying this year.

We also concluded our five-year focus on “endangered instruments” with the double bass and welcomed Florentin Ginot to the festival as artist-in-residence.

The festival featured new music from composers including Laura Bowler, Jane Stanley, Björn Heile, Oliver Searle, Diana Burrell, Pete Stollery, Ailie Robertson, Edwin Hillier, Luke Styles, Tansy Davies, David Fennessy, Georgina MacDonell Finlayson and Ben Lunn.

Featured artists included Juliet Fraser, Talea Ensemble, Alex South, Katherine Wren, Florentin Ginot, Red Note Ensemble, Ruth Morley, Sébastien Béranger, Elise Dabrowski, Sonia Cromarty, Any Enemy, Ensemble Court-circuit and many more.

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