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soundcollective is a creative music project for young people of secondary school age (11-18) living in regeneration areas (Torry, Tillydrone and Northfield) in Aberdeen run by sound and Station House Media Unit (shmu). The project involves music workshops where the participants devise and develop their own musical material in a group guided by freelance music workshop leaders. 

The overall project is curated by Tinderbox Collective based in Edinburgh. Tinderbox have lots of experience running youth performance projects like this and have a unique and accessible way to create music from the ground up enabling everyone to take part regardless of any previous musical experience:

“Tinderbox aims to ignite a spark in young people – one which fills them with confidence, imagination and sense of possibility, and which enables people to achieve things they never thought possible.  Our work helps break down barriers between people & communities, providing exciting opportunities to those who need them most, and supporting young people to build their confidence, skills, self-esteem, and professional experience.”

The young musicians taking part in the project gave their first performance at the re-opening of Aberdeen's Music Hall in December.

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