Music making apps and resources

If you're looking for apps and resources to support music making at home here are some of our recommendations.

Family friendly resources

Sound and Music: Minute of listening

Minute of Listening is a great resource from Sound and Music which helps children develop their creative listening skills, introducing them to a range of music and sounds from Björk to Beethoven, folk music to field recordings.

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Resources:

Creating music for superheroes

Creating Music at Home

The Commonwealth Resounds 



iOS/Android | Free during COVID-19 pandemic

Create loops in a variety of pre-loaded dance music styles and improvise with each part using the touch screen - you can also record your improvisation. 


iOS | Free

Dance music groove creator; using the templates provided you can add your own rhythms/melodies by building blocks on the screen and then set scenes for different sections of your piece.


iOS | Free

Another loop creator which is a mixture of the best bits of Auxy and Kaossilator.


iOS | Free

Add shapes on screen to create interesting musical patterns using large number of instrumental sounds.


iOS | Free

Different recordings of John Cage’s classic piece 4’33”, including one recorded in his New York flat!

Clapping Music

iOS | Free

Play Steve Reich’s Clapping Music on your phone by tapping the screen and get marks to see how well you’ve done.

These apps are easy and good fun for children - 


iOS | Free

App from ambient music pioneer Brian Eno which plays soothing tones which you can add to by tapping the screen in different places.

Pitch Painter

iOS | Free

Targetted at 3-5 year olds, use the screen to draw musical patterns using different musical combinations. 

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