Lost and Found - new works for solo flute / alto flute

Lost and Found is a new project from flautist Ruth Morley. With support from Creative Scotland, Ruth has commissioned five new pieces for solo flute as part of the project. Ruth is recording these pieces and will gradually release them along with a piece written by herself and four existing works. 

The project came about as a result of lockdown and a need to find ways to stay creative and work collaboratively.

The five commissioned composers are Laura Bowler, Tansy Davies, David Fennessy, Claire McCue and Lewis Murphy. The four existing works are Mei by Fukushima, Nocturne by Kevin Leomo, The Curlew by Edwin Roxburgh and Òran-Buidheachas by William Sweeney.

Ruth will perform the works in a live concert at soundfestival this October. 

The Curlew by Edwin Roxburgh

While on tour in Australia with the Menuhin Festival Orchestra, Roxburgh came across the paintings of Ainslie Roberts which relate to the Dreamtime myths of the Australian Aboriginals. Later, when the flautist Christopher Hyde-Smith commissioned him to compose a work to represent the six differing flutes in his collection, the characterisation of six of the paintings made an ideal association for each instrument. (Tenor, Flute d’Amore, Piccolo, Bass, Alto, C). No. 5 is The Curlew. The original version of Dreamtime was for Piano and the 6 flutes. A later version deployed only three instruments (C, Alto and Piccolo) with String Orchestra. The Curlew uses the poignant quality of the Alto flute to project the story of Bima, who becomes transformed into a curlew, wandering the forest at night lamenting the cruel death of her son. The sadness of such a lament is consistent with several works by the composer, which empathise with the victims of conflict across the world.

Mei, for solo flute, by Kazuo Fukushima 

No Ear-rest for the Nearest by Claire McCue

Òran-Buidheachas, by William Sweeney

Nocturne for solo alto flute by Kevin Leomo

Neon Flicker by Ruth Morley

Click here to visit the project website for more information. 

August 2021

Blog: Ruth Morley

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