Watch: Lockdown Composing 2

New music ensemble Any Enemy presents two online premieres. 

Ollie Hawker - It’s more than just MIDI to me
Pete Stollery - Social D[ist]ancing

Ollie Hawker’s It’s more than just MIDI to me uses the random generation of on-screen symbols which players respond to as the piece moves from a state of mild chaos at the start to a relative calm at the end.

Pete Stollery’s Social D[ist]ancing uses the initial UK lockdown restrictions to generate material (only maximum of two people or a family group allowed to go out and social distancing of 2m required) and consists of solos and duets, where players cannot play notes which are less than 2 semitones away from each other.

Presented by sound in partnership with Brandon University New Music Ensemble and Festival.

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