Amble Skuse on Dark Matter : Light Cycles

Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden are this immense burst of energy and ideas. From the first day we were introduced to crates of cables, sensors, laptops, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, cameras, and everything else you’d need to stick it all together. The genius lies in the way that they can make these things accessible. Drowning in information and knowledge, their approach is so down to earth that something which has flummoxed you for months can suddenly seem so straightforward.

Within hours we were soldering vibration motors (which you will see on the “Constellation Bells” piece) and making up light sensor circuits with arduinos (also a part of that work, and of the “What Does Darkness Sound Like”). A group of people from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience is a tough challenge. Getting them to make a joint installation in a week, using technology they’ve never used before takes some genius.

Each artist bring their own taste to the installation, but hopefully you will only experience the flavour of the collective. A group of people who explored Aberdeen, felt its granite and icy winds, smelled its sea, heard its bells and then fed this through their collective imaginations into the work you see. Dark Matter Light Cycles was an intensely rewarding experience, filled with innovation, inspiration and imagination.

Below is a video demonstrating the early experiments

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