Walk on by

Local musicians and SONNEURS
  • Performance
  • Free event

Otomo Yoshihide’s 2019 experimental and performative work Walk on By featuring local musicians, following a 2-day workshop with Mickaël Cozien and Guénolé Keravec, two musicians of SONNEURS pipes quartet. 

Walk on by was commissioned by Erwan Keravec from Otomo Yoshihide in 2019 for his pipe quartet Sonneurs. Commissioning this Japanese composer known for his experimental, electronic, improvised and avant-garde film music, reflected the desire of the quartet to move towards more theatrical pieces.

The score leaves a large amount of freedom to the musicians both musically and in their movements, as it is arranged spatially. Although this piece wasn’t originally written as a participative educational piece, it’s interesting for musicians of all levels in its questioning of musical notations.

Image: Atelier Marge Design