Lockdown Composing: Online performance with Any Enemy

  • Performance

A unique online performance of four newly commissioned works composed by Rufus Isabel Elliot, Rylan Gleave, Lisa Robertson, and Aidan Teplitzky during lockdown. 

The new works will be premiered live by musicians from Aberdeen's new music ensemble, Any Enemy, in separate locations over Zoom this Sunday 14 June.

Each work is approximately three minutes in duration and written for violin, cello, flute, oboe, two bassoons, synthesiser, piano and percussion. 

The project has been supported by composer Pete Stollery and during the session Pete and the composers will discuss the challenges, opportunities and complexities of creating a piece of music for online performance by musicians in separate locations. There will also be opportunity for questions.

sound is really pleased to be able to facilitate this opportunity for these four composers, not only to provide a focus during very trying times, but also to try to exploit the constraints under which we are having to work at the moment. I think this is a testament to our resilience as artists to try to come to terms with whatever is thrown at us and to get the best out of the situation that we can.”Pete Stollery

Dedicating themselves to the creative process, the composers and musicians have worked incredibly hard having developed and rehearsed these new works for live performance in less than a month.

"Its been a very strange process of trying to write a piece that works as a 'live' performance over Zoom. The complexities of the software places an interesting range of creative limitations and it has been a fun challenge to wrap my head around." Aidan Teplitzky

"Exploring the new boundaries of composing for performance over an audio/video sharing platform, in collaboration with Any Enemy, was an incredibly worthwhile and engaging project. Traversing isolation during lockdown (and prior to lockdown) is something that I had envisioned examining in a piece, and this process was remarkably cathartic. Thanks to sound for the opportunity!" Rylan Gleave 

"This has been a fascinating and really enjoyable project for me, discovering a new ‘instrument’ (aka Zoom!), finding a new working process and working with Any Enemy to find solutions to technical constraints. We discovered that Zoom is designed to cut off the sound beyond more than 3 or 4 performers so I also took this into account in juggling the instrumentation. I'm so glad to have been part of this amazing, unique project!" Lisa Robertson

This skills development opportunity and commission was offered by sound to freelance Scottish-based composers in response to the current COVID-19 lockdown and its impact on music creators. 

Many thanks for the generous donations which have made this opportunity possible.