Late night sound sessions: Humming

Suk-Jun Kim (electronics)
  • Performance
Composer: Suk-Jun Kim

A series of electroacoustic compositions exploring humming and encouraging us to listen to those deafening silences all hums seem to gaze at and emanate from as our lips become sealed to sound.

Sound artist, Suk-Jun Kim has spent many years collecting and playing back hums and came to realise that humming as a sonic concept could be explored in sound studies, and exhibits two contrasting (polarising) categories: one that is familiar to us, that we both perform and listen, that is intimately connected to our body, our psyche, our community, our private and collective memory, and the other that poses itself completely at odds with our humming, such as electrical hums, hums of machines, man-made or natural hums that invade our sonic and psychological landscape, hums that keep resounding regardless of our listening. Suk-Jun Kim's inquiries into this peculiar sonic concept has led to a book titled Humming (Bloomsbury, 2018) and a CD of the same title (Vox Regis, 2019).