Hidden Architectures

  • Performance

What does it mean to be connected? Do our connections constrain us or liberate us? Are we ever able to act independently of one another?

A new interdisciplinary collaboration between choreographer Saffy Setohy and sound artist/composer Jan Hendrickse, Hidden Architectures explores the connections and social knots that we make as humans. This immersive performance features an original live score composed for dancers, prepared electric guitars, and electronics.

Hidden Architectures is a sensorial and sculptural art work. As the dancers weave, loop and mesh together and apart, the threads that connect them come to life.

Sounds arise out of movement and generate a live score which converses with the live guitar and electronics, the threads appearing and disappearing in the light. Choreography, sound and material are intertwined.

Innovative, exciting and conceptual, Hidden Architectures pushes at the edges of dance, sound and visual art, creating a distinctive experience which delicately folds you into its' world of human and non-human agency and connection.

“Hidden Architectures...slowly reveals itself to be hugely generous, perfect for watching and mulling over how you relate to the world... it moves with lightness. Things untangle, things change." ANDREW EDWARDS Exeunt Magazine May 2017.

Hidden Architectures was co-comissioned by Tramway and Science Gallery London

Photo: Julia Bauer