Deveron Projects: Sound, Image & Place

  • Workshop

Sensory experience in understanding locality

A critical and immersive activity-led conference hosted by Deveron Projects exploring the history and future of soundscaping, bringing together sound, film and live music. With a range of scholars and creatives, we will consider current aural and visual connections as well as personal and archival narratives. Included in the programme are various positions from sonic post-carding to placing sound in the role of locality, as well as a (re)discovery of the town of Huntly and its satellite woodlands through soundwalking.

The event culminates in the premiere of Sylvan Ghosts / Viridian Echoes, by audio-visual composer Ela Orleans, based on her residency in Huntly and performed live by the artist with local musicians from the North-East of Scotland. Also showing will be new works by Dudendance from Scotland and Argentina with live musical performance by Fiona Soe Paing and Argentine composer Fabiana Galante.

Thu 24 October | 12 - 9:30pm | Deveron Projects, Huntly (multiple venues)