Calefax and Matthew Barley

  • Performance
Artists: Calefax and Matthew Barley
Joost BuisThe Swimmer
Carola BauckholtZugvögel (Migratory birds)
Giovanni SollimaLamentatio
Graham FitkinTracking Yesterday’s EnglandUK Première

They are the inventors of a completely new genre: the reed quintet. Calefax are a close-knit ensemble of five reed players with a shared passion who can be defined as a classical ensemble with a pop mentality.

For more than three decades they have been acclaimed in the Netherlands and abroad for their virtuosic playing, brilliant arrangements and innovative stage presentation.

In this evening's concert they present a striking and innovative programme in collaboration with adventurous English cellist, Matthew Barley.

This concert will be broadcast by BBC Radio 3 at a later date.