soundwalk with The Bard of the Birds

  • Performance
  • Family Friendly

As spring emerges, The Bard of the Birds invites you to join her for a new music and storytelling experience where you will experience your surroundings in a new way. 

Whether you live in the city or countryside your days are beginning to grow longer as spring emerges and nature finds her way through cracks in the walls and pavements, and through sunlight and birdsong. It can be easy to miss these details. 

The event starts on Zoom with an introduction from The Bard of the Birds. You will then be invited to take a walk (approx. 45 min) around your area. You don't need to travel to any particular location.

On your walk, you will listen to a soundtrack which will give you various instructions to follow and invites you to pay attention to particular details. Guided by the Bard of the Birds you will be asked to collect impressions, thoughts, ideas, colours, shapes, or even objects you find along your walk. 

The soundtrack will feature poems and stories by Dawn Wood, nature-inspired music by Ruta Vitkauskaite, Gemma McGregor, and Emily Doolittle, performed by clarinettist Joanna Nicholson and violist Katherine Wren with electronic sounds by Ellie Cherry and sound design by Chris Adams.

When you return from your walk, we will meet you back on Zoom and invite you to share your experiences with us.

What you will need: 

  • A smartphone or iPhone 
  • Heaphones 
  • Internet connection while at home (not required on the walk)
  • Suitable outdoor clothing 

Once you've registered for the event by clicking BOOK on the right hand side you will receive:

  • Confirmation details
  • A soundtrack (max. 125 MB) will be sent to you during the week prior to the event which you can download to your smartphone or iPhone prior to the walk along with a single-sided sheet of instructions for the walk so you can plan your route in advance if you wish

The event duration is approx. 90 minutes. 

For the soundwalk element you will decide your own route and length of journey. There is no requirement to cover a particular distance and people with limited mobility or wheelchair users are welcome to take part in the event.

For further information or access requirements please contact

This event is part of Modern Chants, a new music and storytelling experience supported by Creative Scotland. 


We would suggest paying the following amounts to take part in this event. 

£6 (full price) / £4 (conc) / £2 (students, disabled people, jobseekers) 

You can also attend for free. 

You can pay via the PayPal link above.